Edge Compute and Data Operations

The shape of most IT environments has changed for many reasons, to include the shift to cloud computing, proliferation of remote users and mobile devices, and Internet of Things (IOT). Because of this shift, mission needs at the edge have become critical.

Norseman specializes in Edge Architecture Design to meet business needs. To ensure our customers get the most value from their edge, our experts focus on the following key considerations:

  • Edge Autonomy – do you need to operate while disconnected?
  • Edge Cyber Security – how to appropriately secure edge data at rest and in transit?
  • Mission Performance – how much network and application latency can the mission tolerate?
  • Application Architecture Strategy – how to shift from legacy application environment to a data- and event-driven microservices environment.

Norseman helps our customers with all their computing and data needs, whether it is rearchitecting the entire edge strategy. upgrading an existing storage platform, or anything in between. Norseman partners with the leading manufacturers that solve edge business and mission needs, to include, edge compute devices, Cybersecurity, data discovery, data storage, data analytics, data in motion, edge IT infrastructure, modern application software, and DevOps toolsets .

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