Service Management & Service Automation

Customer First….  Every customer expects quality services from a “service provider”, whether it is an employee dealing with an internal business unit or a mission partner working with their service provider, supplier, or another mission partner.  Norseman understands the “customer first” mantra.  Whether you are managing Human Resources, Personnel Security, Finances, or IT services, Norseman can help architect service management to provide the most value to your customers!

In today’s world of mobile consumer applications and consumer focused e-commerce experiences, customer’s expect rapid service delivery through self-service applications and portals.  Norseman can help you deliver value-based self-service capabilities to your customers and provide the automation necessary to provision and deliver services to your customers with minimal internal human involvement.

Norseman can also help you with IT operations and automated response.  With our experience on IT infrastructure and Cyber Security, Norseman is best suited to help you with Cyber Operations Management and Automated Incident Response.